Protocol Artists Roster

Ever since its inception in May 2012,
Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings has been breathing a new lease of life into the Dance music scene, priding itself on its quality releases and international repertoire signings and earning international acclaim in the process.

Built around the main mantra of family, quality, transparency and expertise, Protocol Recordings has truly found its footing as the world-renowned record label and event company, continually striving to shape the future of Dance music and becoming a loving and dedicated artist springboard. It’s team, with over 20 years of professional experience, further anchors and builds on the foundation on which the Protocol brand was incepted.

What sets Protocol Recordings apart from others is its unwavering commitment to produce cutting edge and original material. Receiving and considering hundreds upon hundreds of demos every week they are careful not to become a production line with output limited to a just a few select tracks, focusing on the old adage ‘quality not quantity.’ This low frequency release rate allows them to focus on putting out high- quality singles and create extensive promotional efforts for the records and their artists. Harboring an extensive global network of radio promoters label partners, licensees and digital distributors, not to mention high-level interaction across social media channels – participating in think tanks and beta programs with various DSPs) – means that from conception to completion, no stone is left unturned.


Ensuring all eyes of the world’s media and tastemakers were trained on their superb roster of talent, Protocol Recordings staged its inaugural showcase during the famed Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2012. Now marking the unofficial opening of ADE each year, they have become renowned for road- blocking events in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Budapest, Antwerp and hosting many global festival areas. Utilizing the team’s years of experience in producing events at a worldwide level with each event combines impressive stage design, bespoke visuals and lighting, special effects, merchandising and public relations for a truly unforgettable experience.


Rooted entirely around the concept of family, Protocol Recordings has ensured that this sense of camaraderie and loyalty is expressed throughout each and every one of their releases, signings, events and indeed the brand itself. Always innovative, the team inspire a scene that many deem be deteriorating, injecting new life into the industry and claiming its rightful place as one of the most prominent electronic dance music labels in the world.