Marcella Woods has long been regarded as the main divas of dance music and the best live performer in her field. Her smash hit records include UK top 10 hits “Liberation”, “Beautiful,” and “Voice of an angel”. More recently her two monster anthems”Hands up” and “Break of Dawn” (Suitcase at the door) recorded with producer DJ brother Michael Woods.

Marcella’s Beatport No1 “COME GET MY LOVIN” with Hugh Gunnel and Paul Gardner (Milk & Sugar) set the clubs alight in 2010. Currently Marcella has spent the last 18 months writing and recording new material including “Sky Hig” with Felix Leiter (HedKandi), “Turn It Up” with Jason Chance (Milk & Sugar) and “Alive” with Jason Herd & Adam White (Subliminal-Eric Morillo)