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Angie Brown is a British singer known for her soulful and powerful vocals, particularly in the dance music genre. She gained prominence in the early 1990s through her collaboration with the electronic music group Bizarre Inc. On their 1992 track “I’m Gonna Get You,” Angie Brown’s vocals played a significant role in the song’s success. The track became a hit and reached high positions on various music charts.

“I’m Gonna Get You” is celebrated as a classic in the dance music scene and remains one of Angie Brown’s most well-known contributions. The song features a blend of house and dance elements, and Angie Brown’s strong and emotive vocals added to its appeal.

While “I’m Gonna Get You” is her most notable work, Angie Brown has also been involved in other musical projects and collaborations over the years which include “Took My Love” (1993), “Rockin 4 Myself” & “Playin with Knives”. Her contributions to the electronic and dance music genres have earned her recognition among fans of the genre.

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