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Chesney was catapulted to fame in 1991.  Aged 19 he played the lead in the film Buddy’s Song, a popular coming of age tale in which Chesney starred alongside Roger Daltry.

Following the film, “The One and Only” was the first single from the soundtrack and became an instant hit at home and abroad, shooting to the top of the charts in the UK and making the top ten stateside. Since then many albums have followed as well as tv, film and theatre appearances.  He currently resides in LA with his family and continues to write, produce and perform.

Chesney’s passion continues to be music and always will.  He is delighted that his three children Casey, Jesse, and Indi, have all taken the mantle of acting and singing into their lives.  He shares a unique connection with each of them through their talents through music just as he did with his father, Chip Hawkes.

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