Kevin & Perry Go Large tour is based on the Harry Enfield and Chums characters, hit movie Kevin & Perry Go Large.
The film became something of a cult classic and remains popular with dance music lovers due to its fond send up of the 90s Ibiza club scene. Warmth for the film was reflected in a viral clips online a few years ago in which revellers gained minor online fame after they were recorded dressed as the pair at a rave.
The copycats are now taking their costumes on the road, teaming up with various live shows to host a special DJ set paying homage to the classic tunes used in the film.
They are touring around the UK and have just played the legendary Amnesia Club in Ibiza alongside Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Lange, Ben Nicky, Paul Taylor, Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago, Brandon Block, Sean Hughes, Les Schmitz and Vicky Devine.
In the words of Judge Jules, “What’s astonished me about Kevin and Perry is that its appeal spans the generations. Each track from its soundtrack is familiar to everyone between the age of 13 and 50. … There have been a number of films covering Ibiza club culture, but none has come close to Kevin and Perry, in terms of its everlasting popularity.”