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Born on May 24, 1989, in Næstved, Denmark, Morten Brangstrup Olsen, better known by his stage name Faustix, is a luminous figure in the electronic dance music industry. His journey in music, characterized by a deep passion for electro
– house and trap genres, has seen him evolve from an avid music enthusiast into a globally recognized DJ and producer. Faustix’s early years were marked by a burgeoning fascination with music production and DJing. He quickly became prolific in the scene, especially around the 2010s, with an impressive array of singles, EPs, and remixes. His talent caught the eye of the international music community, particularly with his collaboration with Diplo on the single “Revolution” in
2013, which earned him gold in the USA. He has also remixed tracks for renowned artists like David Guetta and Major Lazer, showcasing his versatile and innovative approach to music. A significant milestone in Faustix’s career is his signing with Warner Music. This partnership is a testament to his exceptional talent and the impact he has made in the music industry.
The collaboration underscores the quality of his work but also places him among the elite artists in the global music arena. Warner Music’s vast resources and industry expertise provide Faustix with an unparalleled platorm to reach wider audiences and further his musical influence.
Looking ahead, Faustix is set to take a bold step in his musical journey by transitioning to full Big Techno come 2024. This move signifies not just an evolution in his style but also a commitment to exploring new horizons in the ever – changing landscape of electronic music. Big Techno, known for its rhythmic beats and immersive soundscapes, offers a perfect canvas
for Faustix to experiment and express his unique artistic vision. This transition is eagerly anticipated by fans, as it promises to bring fresh experiences to the community.
Throughout his career, Faustix has received numerous accolades, including nominations for the Danish Music Awards and the Danish DeeJay Awards. His personal life, too, is filled with joy and inspiration, as he shares his journey with his wife, influencer and beauty icon Irina Olsen, and their two children. From his humble beginnings to his current status as a Warner Music artist poised to venture into Big Techno, Faustix’s journey is a remarkable story of talent, dedication and success.

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