Mauro Picotto is an universally acclaimed DJ who began his long musical journey in the clubs 35 years ago. He’s been all around the world playing and partied at the best music events. He has always produced quality music and sold millions of records over the years. His djing and music passion make him the first most succesfull italian dj, recognised worldwide. Mauro has continually reinvented himself, these days he’s producing and remixing. A new collection of Mauro Picotto presents new Artists tracks will be out this year. 

Mauro Picotto is an Italian DJ who became a finalist in the Italian DMC 1998. In 1989 he Won the Walky Cup Competition, broadcast on TV, which enshrined him as the best Italian DJ.

The same year he devoted much of his time to the production of his first album as R.A.F., and he soon became one of the leading producers in Europe.

In the meantime he began to produce himself, releasing massive tracks including Bakerloo Symphony, Iguana and Komodo to name a few, though his fame is mainly due to Lizard, a track that turned into a musical style, receiving awards and accolades from all territories, pushing Mauro to the Olympus of the Top 10 most popular DJs in the world.

In 2001 he began his metamorphosis, leaving Media records and creating the label Alchemy. His productions would vary in genres from dance to trance, the most sophisticated techno to an evolution of all that is homemade music.

In 2003 Mauro Picotto created Meganite – Electronic Music Lifestyle – a successful club party linked to the best DJs of the moment. For the Meganite events he has had on his side top artists known today as Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Adam Beyer, Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati and Paco Osuna to names a few, all playing alongside Mauro as Meganite regular DJs. Since the very beginning, the selection of artists chosen for Meganite has been of the highest quality for an evening mainly based on innovative electronic music, a cocktail of pure energy and emotion.

Mauro Picotto has released over 700 productions and numerous remixes, and to date he has sold over seven million copies worldwide. He has played in best clubs with the most famous Djs, as well as having participated in all the first major events, from Love Parade to Creamfields, MTV Festival, Winter Olympics in Turin, Ultra, Time Warp, Awakenings, Dreambeach, Tomorrowland, Innercity, Misteryland, Trance Energy, Mayday, Future Festival and Techno_Flash.

In 2014 Mauro did a lecture at the Master of Management ESCP Europe at the University of Turin and wrote a book “My Life as a Dj” – Mauro is resident in UK, he lives between Spain, Italy and England where he has his family. 

In 2019 after many years of producing and living in the techno scene, he decided to move forward and experiment with a new wave of music productions with a more Pop Vocal Dance orientation. The new single “All I Need is Komodo” will be distribute worldwide with Sony.